Языковые классы

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Spanish Courses

Rivendell house-school invites all who are interested in learning Spanish as a second language to participate in themed seminars about the culture of Valparaíso. The group workshops, which take place right in our guest house, are lead by interdisciplinary teachers who are creative, motivated and connect well with their students.

Your course can be tailored to your interests, personal objectives and language needs, so we would love to know your Spanish speaking level prior to beginning the course.  We hope to help you become involved in the lifestyle of this colourful city and establish permanent contact with Chilean peers.
The courses cover a variety of themes, including:
- Fine arts, painting and literature of the port of Valparaíso
- Cinema and theatre of  Valparaíso
- Music and dance of the port of  Valparaíso
- Food of Valparaíso
- Flora and fauna of Valparaíso
- History, culture and identity of  Valparaíso

Themed Three-Day Courses

Three-Day Intensive Spanish Course With Cooking Classes
- Shopping in local markets for fresh ingredients
- Cooking traditional meals, guided in Spanish

 Three Day Intensive Spanish Course With Creative Arts Workshop
- Painting, drawing or mosaic art lessons
- Street art tour, meeting local artists

 Three Day Intensive Spanish Course With Cultural Experiences
- Focus on Chilean customs and daily life
- Visit historical buildings, monuments and museums

 All courses include:
- 18 lessons over 3 days made up of six 45 minute lessons each day
- 9am - 2pm with two 15 minute breaks

Daily Schedule

09.00-10.30: Lesson on grammar points

10.30-10.45: Coffee break

10.45-12.15: Lesson on developing communication skills

12.15-12.30: Snack break

12.30-14.00: Lesson incorporating project work or an excursion

Additional Classes

Private and group lessons:
- 45 minute lessons with a minimum of 2 taken consecutively